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About DREAM Group Homes, Inc.

Margaret Jordan established DREAM Group Homes, Inc. in 2013 in Maricopa, Arizona in hopes of becoming the premier group home provider, providing foster care services to the unfocused sibling population. All too often, when children come into care, they are separated from their siblings, which usually results in little to no contact until their family unit is reunified. At DREAM Group Homes, Inc., we seek to keep the family together in one household, where all children will learn the tools for their success. Here, they learn how to succeed as an individual, and as one family. Our model also resembles a regular family home with a loving house parent and not the typical rotational staff. This allows the children to bond appropriately with their siblings and a trusted adult.


To keep siblings together.


The vision of DREAM Group Homes, Inc. is to guide all families in our care into their best possible future. It is our vision for the children to succeed as one family by providing a long-term, stable, structured environment for abused, abandoned, and neglected children ages 4-17.


DREAM Group Homes, Inc.’s E-5 program seeks to fulfill its Mission and Vision by incorporating the following values:


We will teach our children competencies and skills in the areas of academics, personal hygiene, communications, problem solving, and self-evaluation, which will provide them with the foundation necessary to be successful in their transition into adulthood.


We will continuously expose our children to educational opportunities, mentors, volunteer work, internships, and travel as a positive reinforcement as to what they can achieve with their own hard work and determination.


We will consistently encourage our children to enlarge the vision they have for themselves and their families. By working with our children to assist them with setting both short and long-term S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) Goals and then accomplishing these goals, our children will continue to gain confidence in their ability to accomplish the DREAMs they create for themselves.

Effective Engagement:

We will encourage our children to effectively engage in their own future success. We will seek to provide the resources necessary to achieve the DREAMS and goals our children create for themselves in the areas of their interest.


We will seek to provide a program that assists our children as they evolve into responsible, functioning individuals of their community and contributing members of our society.

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